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How it works

Submit enrollment survey 
+ confirm eligibility 

Landspath is currently limited to dogs who meet certain criteria, including location, activity levels and age. In the future, we expect Landspath to be available to most dogs. 

Landspath will develop a custom menu and monthly delivery schedule for your pet 

Using key variables regarding your pet and an algorithm created by veterinary nutritionists, we calculate your pet’s exact caloric target. 

We then perfectly portion 28 days of breakfasts and dinners, including toppers and treats.

Receive your welcome book and probiotics

While we fulfill your first month’s delivery – we’ll send you 7 days of probiotics to start getting your doggie ready for a seamless transition to Landspath.

Our nutritionists and pet health experts recommend probiotics for diet transitions and as a part of your pet’s ongoing diet. 

View our probiotics info here.

Your first box arrives!

We’re excited for your to receive your first box – it’s pretty awesome. 

We’ll also let you know which day your start feeding – as a part of our pilot – we’re tracking your pet’s start date so we can ask you for input at the right times and get your boxes 
delivered properly. 

It might be exciting – but please don’t start early.

Transition to Landspath

To help transition onto Landspath, the initial 14 days of meals are perfectly portioned to mix your doggie’s

regular food.

Follow the transition guide and soon your pet will be eating only Landspath.

View our transition guide here.

Enjoy Landspath for 4 months
on us!

We’ll keep sending your pet’s food every 28 days. 


You’ll be expected to share feedback along the way – we need your input to perfect the Landspath experience. 

Remember — Landspath is a full-feeding system. To ensure your doggie is getting the right amount of calories, AVOID feeding any other snacks, treats, table scraps, or other food once they are on Landspath.


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